In Algeria
2012 :
Alhanana, ya ouled ! (The tenderness, guys !)

In Italia
2002 : Impronte (Footprint), production, co-writing and direction.

Traces left by people who marked their time
by their testimony in favor of a more harmonious life.

1996 : I piedi nel gesso (The feet in the chalk), production, writing and direction.

The various forms of alienation which surround the mind and ways to break free.

1996 : Anno Zero (Year Zero)
1995 : Parto senza bagagli (I go without luggages)
1984 : I Canti di Maldoror (The Songs of Maldoror)

In Belgium
1978 :
Palestine, 60 mn, in Brussels' Théâtre-Poème. Production, writing, direction and acting one-man-show. 

Tragedy where the victims survived the Nazi extermination
become the executioners of another people, forced to fight to recover the human dignity.

In Algeria
Septembre 1968 : fondation in Oran of
1973 : Et à l'Aurore où est l'Espoir ? (And at dawn where is the Hope?)
1972 : Mohamed, prends ta valise (Mohamed, take your bag)
1971 : La Fourmi  et l'Eléphant (The Ant and the Elephant)
1970 : Forma-Révolu / tion
1969 : La Valeur de l'Accord (The Value of the Agreement)
1968 : Mon Corps, Ta Voix et Sa Pensée (My Body, your Voice and his Thought)

In France  (Strasbourg)
1967 :

- Foundation of the Ensemble Théâtral du Tiers-Monde (Ensemble Theatre of the Third World), composed of students
Chant funèbre pour l'ennemi du genre humain (Dirge for the Ennemy of Mankind), 90mn, in
Strasbourg. Production, writing, direction and acting. 

Show consisting mainly of known poems  singing the struggle of the peoples
of the  « Third World  » to free themselves from domination.

In Algeria 
1965 : Le cireur (The Shoe-shine boy). 90mn, in Théâtre municipal of Tlemcen. Production, Writing, direction and acting.

The life of a young  Shoe-shine, fifteen years old, reduced to kneel at the feet of others
to clean their shoes, and his attempts to overcome this humiliating situation.


A detailed analysis of the theater plays is available (French Version) here