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A situation where one hundred grams of food has a totally unexpected importance.

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Le train du destin
(The train of Destiny)

In the far South of China today, one train, two female travelers. They are strangers to each other, a peasant in her sixties, the other, a young teacher of philosophy. Fate is on the move…
The main location of the action is a fiction. On the other hand, the facts related are inspired by a probable social reality, known by the author. The main thing is to offer portraits of typical and contrasting characters, currently living in a country in full economic growth but where there are those left behind.

Published in "La Tribune Diplomatique Internationale" (April 14, 2020) and "Algérie Patriotique" (April 15, 2020).




Selon ton désir
(According to your Desire)

Autonomous vehicle : eternal dream of humanity, embodying a share of freedom, produced by the creative imagination. But, like all reality, the positive and the negative coexist. Humans must manage inventions correctly.

October 2017. Published in
Véhicules autonomes (Autonomous Vehicles). Editions Ddk Anticipation, Brunoy (France) ISBN 9782955 078983



Une histoire d'amitié
A story of friendship)

About a very questionable tradition : the murder of the most innocent of creatures, a lamb.

Published in the newspaper Le Matin d'Algérie (23-24 / 08/2017).



Lettre de Rome d'un E-C
(Letter from Rome by an E-C)

After a few years in Rome, an immigrant from Oran (Algeria) writes a letter to his family. He describes his situation and that of other expatriates, extending his remarks to the world history of migration caused by hunger, war or the need for freedom.

2005 : French version published in the Book Les dernières nouvelles de Rome (Last News from Rome), Editions Librairie Française de Rome La Procure and Palombi Editori (Rome). ISBN 88-7621-216-7.
2006 : Italian version Lettera da Roma di un E-C. Published by the City Council of Rome.