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(A chinese wedding)
(The Oriole Sings,
The Swallow Dances)
Alhnana, ya ouled !
(Tenderness, Guys !)
Jesce Sole
(Rise Up, Sun)
Piazza del Mondo
(World'S Square)
Dove il Sogno
diventa Realtà
(Where Dream
becomes Reality)

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Qu'elle est belle,
la démocratie de base !

(How beautiful is the basic democracy !)
Poeple on the march
L'université algérienne

(Algerian university embedded)
Paroles d'étudiant sur
l'université algérienne

(Student words on the Algerian university)

In progress

Luisa  Spartaka

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     L'Uomo dall'Altro Mondo
(The Man of The Other World)

The Garden of Preserving Harmony Red Blues



  Since May 2019.
Same orientation as last Maldoror Film


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1984 - 2009
Foundation in Rome and direction of Maldoror Film

Orientation :  The art is an ethical and aesthetic act, which has origin, way and end in what makes life worthy of be living with intelligence, sensitivity and solidarity.
Without any form of institutional or private funding, production and distribution of independent films and documentaries, content and forms not conditioned by the commercial circuit, shot on digital.
To promote the distribution, the company organized a Festival.



2003 - 2006.

Foundation in Rome and direction.

The Festival was organized by the Maldoror Film, with the collaboration of volunteers.
The objective was to enable the Italian and internazional production, voluntarily outside of the commercial market or ignored by it, to be seen, and its producers and directors to know each other.
The ultimate goal was to create a self-managed distribution structure, autonomous and supportive, allowing the projection of these works in all possible places of the country and abroad. The self-managed organization on the one hand and, secondly, the electronics made possible this action, thanks to a supportable financial cost.

Italian and international works
were presented and appreciated by the public.


Other Works


1992 : Ieri, oggi, domani (Yesterday, Today, tomorrow).
1992: Helen Chanel Stoliaroff, un'attrice (Helen Chanel Stoliaroff, an actress), 9 mn. Documentary. Co-production with RAI (Italy), screenplay, direction, cameraman, photography and editing.
1991: Pietro Tevini pittore (Petro Tevini, painter), documentary, 10 mn. Screenplay, direction, cameraman, photography and editing.
1991: Stepping, 60 mn. Documentary. Screenplay, direction and editing.
1990 : Anno Zero (Year Zero).
1989: Festa de l'Unità (Unity Celebration), documentary, 18 mn. Screenplay, direction, cameraman, photography and editing.
1986: Anima Nera (Black Soul), dance spectacle by Bob Wilson in Rome (Italie), documentary, 20 mn. Production, screenplay, direction, shooting, photography and editing.
1985: Arancia Blu (Blu Orange), dance spectacle, documentary, 20 mn. Production, screenplay, direction, shooting, photography and editing.

1981 : Marco detto Barabba (Marc called Barabba).
1971: Indipendant and Free Viet Nam, documentary archive, 16 mm, b/n, 15 mn. Screenplay and direction. Editing : Rachid Benallal.




1995 :

Secondary character in Senza parole (Without Words), by Antonello De Leo, 35mm color, 7 mn, Trust Film production, Roma (Italy). Best Short Fiction of the 69th Oscars ceremony in Los Angeles.



1974 :

Starring in La Poussette (The stroller), by Aziz Ben Mahjoub, 16 mm color 5 mn, production I.n.s.a.s., Brussels (Belgium).