Et à l'Aurore, où est l'Espoir ?

                                             (And at Dawn, where is the Hope ?)


80 mn.

Production, writing, staging and interpretation (single player).


The title is borrowed from a poem by Nazim Hikmet.

The unemployed Algerian youth drama. After the hopes and promises of a solidary and democratic society, they face with bitterness and despair a contrary reality : the socio-economic conditions of impoverished class, doomed from the Aurora of his existence, marked by the anguished search for a Hope of life without knowing Where to find it.


Extract of the final song

هي و هي جايا حمر باهيا

هي و هي جايا حمر داميا

المسكين لازم يتشجع و الخمار يفيق

المحقور لازم يتكلم هذ\ الكلام عليك

\همك يا مسكين ما جايش من السماء مهوش مكتوب \بد

همك جاي من خيانة عرق خدمتك


It, it will come, it will come beautiful red,
It, it will come, it will come bloody red.
The poor must take courage andthe the drunken man wake up,
The oppressed must speak, this language concern you.
Your misfortune, O poor, does not come from heaven,
It is not fatal, ever.
Your misfortune is the theft of the sweat of your labor.