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Nouvelles d'Algraba-Village nègre
(News from Algraba-Village negre)

In a popular neighborhood of Sidi Belabbès, Algeria, the so-called "ordinary" stories. The crushed are not stray dogs but human beings, capable of reasoning and feeling. These "slices of life" are unexpected, if not far-fetched, for those who ignore the popular life of the neighborhood.

A first Short story is published in French : Histoire d'amitié (A Friendship story)




Au Pays des Droits Humains
(In the Land of Human Rights)

In "Human Rights" countries, the privileged people are careful not to admit anyone who does not have a sufficient bank account. Fortunately, those excluded from the banquet consider only the Rights to Life.



"Il mondo intero è un paese", è un detto popolare italiano. Il "Paese (del) Medio" non fa eccezione. Le peculiarità fisiche, culturali e storiche non impediscono alle persone "normali" di questa parte del pianeta di vivere le stesse sofferenze e le stesse speranze dell'intera specie umana.

A first Short story is published in French Le train du destin (The Train of Destiny)