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Lu Xun

Lu Xun is the author of six to seven hundred essays, short texts generally published in a review, then grouped together in a collection. He criticized Chinese civilization and society, imperialism, defended youth and the emancipation of women.
This activity as a journalist is very diverse both in form (polemical articles, reflections, criticisms ...) as in the subjects treated. But this apparent diversity does not prevent a deep unity, which manifests itself through certain dominant themes, such as the interrogation on the "character of the Chinese" or the mission of literature, conceived as a cry of call to awaken the consciences. If literature has in common with the revolution the rejection of the order of things, it separates from it as soon as the revolution, once victorious, becomes a new power. ( French Wikipedia)

See his speech French Littérature et pouvoir politique (On literature and political power)



Guy de Maupassant

The most important author of short stories in French literature.  (French Wikipedia)