JESCE SOLE - Frammenti di vite frammentate                 

                                               (RISE UP SUN - Fragments of Fragmented Lives)



Fiction, 88 mn.
Production, Script, shooting (co-cameraman : Daniele Farina), photography, editing and direction.

15 May 2006:
First public screening at Intermundia intercultural event, on the central square of the multi-ethnic neighborhood of Rome, Piazza Vittorio-Emanuele (Italy).


Comic drama or drama.

In contemporary Rome, seven friends linked by a single thread, struggle to overcome social exclusion they suffer : Carla, singer against the current dominant modes, Babbo, old, Lucio, who lost reason, Gino, unemployed and incestuous sex maniac, refugee in religion, Nello, pimp discovering love, Fatima, Algerian immigrant prostitutes because refusing of enslavement to a spouse, Maria, in love with a German terrorist suspect ... and many other minor characters that are part of the "zoo" human.

It is a choral narrative where many lives are involved and influence each other to form a symphony.


The title (who means in italian today : Rise up, sun!) is a tribute to the first song of the Naples' classical repertoire, dating back to XIIth century. It's an invocation to the sun, from an arcaich religious ritual, a simple sing, full of sacral reminiscences to the star which gives life. The song has been preserved and handed over time from Naples' small boys who have sung in their games. Over the centuries, the verses of Jesce Sole have changed through different reelaborations.


                                                         Main Cast

laria Antoniani

Fabiana Lazzaro
Edoardo Rossi
Umberto Simeoni
Vincenzo Palazzo
Marzia Vitale
Mauro Sodo


                                                                                    Making the film


Translation from Italian

It's a pleasure to write about a film like Jesce Sole.
First is a work outside the context of funding that characterizes so much of cinema today, with more or lessfunding money  "lost" (in name and in fact !), with pre costly rights antenna, with opportunities to date a small circle of people who may not have anything more to say in the artistic and expressive field or are not the best artists who have right to have funds. There is a lot of good people, not particularly famous, which has experience of the show and life experience of great importance, and there are young people who can not produce high-impact curriculum but want to do, have talent and skills.
"Jesce Sole - fragments of lives fragmented" Kadour Naimi is the "other cinema", which comes from fragments of film of our film industry, where a great professional realizes a film with his resources and efforts, with his talent and his creativity, surrounding by a group of good collaborators.
If the film "made in italy" wants to help realities healthy and free from various "clientele"  would do well to support films like these, that tear the clouds of dust of our culture  and live with emotions and work, as "Jesce Sun" ; there would only be gained in terms of "cleansing", in terms of work, artistic and entrepreneurial growth, etc.
The film tells the stories of some characters who live in search of themselves in the chaos and the alienazione of daily life ; everyone tries to explore his own  size and identity in the difficulties of life, amplified by the obstacles of those who live the status of immigrant, between choices as forced prostitution or crime ; sometimes they are simply the "malice" of life, which in our view there seem unjustified, confuse us or put us in difficulty. It 'really that or everyone can have meaning. Beyond any consideration,everything has  a sense  if we give one to him.
Interesting are the "real" faces of the actors, exciting and different scenes, some of which warns the typical atmosphere  of Piazza Vittorio in Rome, true new nerve centre of the city, where new trends are born, movements and cultural events free of perverse logic.

September 2006

Gino Pitaro


Documentary Making the Film

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