The circular performance space

(in algerian language "halga" : حلق)

The circular performance space

(in algerian "halga" : حلق)


Basic schema :
(1) Scenic Area for the actors
(2) Entry and exit for actors
(3) Space for spectators
La Valeur de l'Accord (The value of the Agreement)
representation in a farm for peasants and students :
In tne center K. Naimi presents the show as narrator (in Algerian : meddah)

In this type of scenic arrangement, the staging is different from that of a traditional theater.
1) The actors play so as to be seen from all sides.
2) There is no clear separation between actors and spectators.
3) The performance includes a part of improvisation that are planned in order to give to the publicthe possibility of intervention, and to the actor the approach of one or more spectators inviting them to react verbally to the show.
So if the show has an intrinsic duration of 90 minutes, it can last much longer, according to the interventions of the audience. This type of theater therefore requires from the actors to know not only to play, but equally to engage the spectators into the representation, for they are not passive consumers of a show, but actively engaged.
This mode of representation was inspired by two examples : the Algerian traditional mode of public troubadours (photo 1) and the mode to debate during the popular movement of 1968 in France (photo 2).



Types of movement of the actors in a circular staging
to allow a 360 ° vision.

A detailed analysis of the theater plays is available in the book (French Version)