The Garden of Preserving Harmony



  A contemporary love story, conditioned by heavy social rules, between an European man and two Chinese women, witn different cultures and existential paths. Will they succeed in overcoming their various fears to realize their desire ?
  The man and the women  are confronted to the fundamental problem of disillusionment and utopia for a better world.




Roma (Italy), Peking, Xi'an, Canton,  Shenyang,  Long Shan Gong  Mu  (near Fushun), Yunnan Mountains, Lijian  River, Lijian City, a village in Yunnan.



Huà in her youth

The traditional dress worn by Huà when Carlo saw her
for the first time, and when she met him 40 years later.     

The photo with her name 花 (Flower)
given to the loved Carlo for memory
when she met him

The Bruno's trip landscapes looking for Huà.

The village where Huà was sentenced to live.

The works Huà must to do.

  Huà's pupils after the end of her condemnation.

The Huà's House in the village.

The cemetery where Bruno seeks the Huà's grave.

The park where the two lovers meet after 40 years.